Russia is not converted nor converting! (Part III)

These are facts of ideological character, but what about the spiritual sphere? It was claimed that Russia is now undergoing some spiritual renaissance, at least Orthodox. But, is it true? Usually Western observers note the hostility of the present-day Russia to gay-marriage and homosexuality in this case. But, they do not understand that the reasons against such things are usually, in Russia, not of a moral character and, what is more striking, that many people, who in Russia oppose gay-marriages — at the same time — for example, support abortions. It seems not logical, but it’s true.

The abortion rate in Russia is still one of the highest in the world and, which is especially remarkable, there is no strong Pro-Life movement in Russia, comparing to the Western, especially Catholic, countries. Even the Orthodox church, except for some individuals, prefers not to speak about this important theme, fearing a hostile reaction of the public (I mean not liberal groups, but a wider spectrum of society) and authorities. The Orthodox church, in reality, continues the Sergianist policy of submission to the government power’s will, even if the power is not so Christian. Authorities in Russia, factually, have a pro-abortion stance. Sometimes, they can make some declaration about the “danger of low birth-rate”, etc., but usually they are only declarations and abortion remains a theme, which can’t be touched, and individuals who try to speak about banning abortions, are mocked and silenced.

In addition to that, contraception, divorce, pornography, prostitution, etc. are widespread in present-day Russia too.