Russia’s role in the Divine plan and what she has to gain by the consecration (part III)

We publish third part of speech given by Michal Semin on the conference in Russia.

Why Russia?
So why have the forces of evil concentrated their attention on Russia, and not Australia, Paraguay, Senegal or any other country? Why did the “errors of the West” occupy Russia and use her as a means to further the goals of anti-Christian revolution? I can offer my opinion, fully acknowledging that I may be wrong.

First, it may have to do with the geostrategic position of Russia, and second, its religious history. Let me first explain what I mean by the geostrategic relevance of Russia. Have you heard about the “Heartland Theory”? It was established by the English geographer and politician, Halford John Mackinder. He pointed out that the Eurasian continent – and Russia makes up a great part of it – is in the most advantageous geopolitical location. He suggested that whoever possesses it, has the political and economic potential to ultimately control the whole world. This corresponds, by the way, with the view of famous American geopolitical strategists like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the crazy and dangerous sect of neoconservatives believing in the historical destiny of America, and the necessity of its hegemony for the benefit of all humanity. In six words: Who controls Russia, controls the world. So that is one possible NATURAL explanation for the specific role of Russia in the history of the modern world.

But is there a SUPERNATURAL reason for Russia playing this crucial and decisive role in modern history? This has to do with the religious situation in which Russia finds itself during the Second Millennium. Her separation from Rome, her deeply established anti-Catholic attitudes and prejudices, her tendency to understand herself in a context of a certain messianic mission (envisioning Moscow as the Third Rome protecting Europe, if not the whole world, from the spirit of revolution and the subversion of Christianity) – all this played well into the hands of those looking for the most effective weapon against what was left of Christendom. All that was needed was to find enough collaborators within Russian society who were willing to do the dirty job of transforming the religious impulse or motivations of the Russian people into a destructive worldwide revolutionary force. And they succeeded.

Even the Church Is Now Infiltrated by the Errors of Russia
Their success has not been limited, unfortunately, to the realm of secular politics. The errors of Russia have reached, and even penetrated, the human side of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church Herself. There are plenty of materials in the form of books, articles and recorded speeches, on the bond between the neo-modernist assault, and the subversion of the Fatima Message. Many respected authors wrote about the infamous Pact of Metz. For example, Professor Romano Amerio stated: “The salient and half-secret point that should be noted is the restriction on the Council’s liberty to which John XXIII had agreed a few months earlier, in making an accord with the Orthodox Church, by which the Patriarchate of Moscow accepted the papal invitation to send observers to the Council, while the Pope for his part guaranteed the Council would refrain from condemning Communism.” The Second Vatican Council indeed remained silent about the main error of the era.

Just about a week ago [on October 25, 2017] LifeSite News, the indispensable website for covering pro-life topics from a Catholic perspective, made public the first translation of Vatican II’s discarded decree condemning Communism and Marxism: De cura animarum pro Christianis communism infectis. This document was discarded in the early months of the Council, when the liberal German, French and Dutch-speaking bishops of the “Rhine group” outmaneuvered the conservative majority, and succeeded in replacing the preparatory schemas with materials which intentionally avoided condemning the main error of the age. What remained from the original intent was thus only a timid critique of atheism in the document Gaudium et spes, with an oblique reference in a footnote to previous condemnations of Communism by the pre-conciliar popes.

The other well-known fact is that the Council Fathers and both Popes of the Council didn’t avail themselves of the presence of bishops from the whole world, to fulfill the request of Our Lady, and consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. With John XXIII and Paul VI, we see a change of attitude towards the Soviet Regime, and the birth of Ostpolitik represented by Cardinal Casaroli.

The failure of the Church authorities to fulfill the clear commands from Heaven are directly linked to the conciliar ideology of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, based on relativism and a false view of Truth. If the Catholic Church is no longer the only Ark of salvation, and other so-called “churches” and “ecclesial communities” serve – by the positive will of God – as an alternative means of salvation, then how shall we understand the promise of Our Lady that Russia will be converted once it is properly consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart? The very sense of conversion becomes meaningless.

To be continue