Russia’s role in the Divine plan and what she has to gain by the consecration (part V)

We publish the fifth part  of speech given by Michal Semin on the conference in Russia

What Hope Do We Have?

Under these unprecedented circumstances, can we reasonably hope that Russia, will be properly consecrated? First of all, we know for certain from Our Lady Herself that the Consecration will happen, and that Russia, as a result of that Consecration, will convert – that it will become Catholic – and a period of peace will be granted to the world. But can this happen with a Pope in charge who considers appeals to conversion to the One True Faith a sin? As the reign of progressive modernism in the highest echelons of the Church presents an impediment to the flow of grace, it’s also an obstacle to the sought-after conversion of Russia. Whenever we pray that the Consecration is done as soon as possible, we in fact also pray – at least implicitly – that the Pope and the bishops turn away, effectively, once and for all, from modernism. While not excluding some other possible solution, as the sovereign God can use unexpected (to us) means to achieve desired ends, it seems at first glance that the conversion of Rome, so to speak, is a necessary precondition of the conversion of Russia: first Rome, and only then, Russia.

I think it’s clear by now how much good for the souls of all people of all the nations on earth will come from a consecrated and fully converted Russia. As God in His Providence used Russia as a means of punishment for the unrepented sins of the children of the Enlightenment and modernity, He can use her as a means of blessing. There is nothing Russia can lose from her greatness and what’s good and legitimate in her spiritual and liturgical heritage. She can only benefit from the act of Consecration. I hope it is also clear, and I want to stress this more than ever before, that our spiritual struggle in which we solicit the Consecration of Russia, is a manifestation of our true love of the Russian people and this country, and the recognition of its special role not only in modern history, but in the history of Salvation.

The End

MICHAL SEMÍN Publisher of Te Deum magazine