The Fatima epoch: has it finished? (Part I)

The name of my lecture is: “The Fatima Epoch: Has it finished?” By “Fatima Epoch” I mean time, in which the Fatima Message and Fatima requests are still relevant and the events which have strong links to Fatima or remind us about Fatima.

History proves Fatima

I can’t remember when I heard about Fatima for the first time. It was when I was a student or when I was at school. But as a person who was always interested in history and always thought that world history has some purpose (the Fatima message has a strong historical dimension) and also as a Russian (Fatima has a strong relation to Russia), I, from the beginning, became fascinated by the events in that distant Portuguese village in that year 1917 (a year which I, a fervent anti-communist from an early age, think was a most tragic year in Russian history) and began to reflect on what it means to Russia, to the world and to all mankind. What I found was one Russia is now undergoing a Soviet Renaissance, poisoning every sphere of life of the factors which influenced my conversion to the Catholic Faith. But when I was already a Catholic, during my historical studies and researches, I found even more facts, which only reinforced my Faith and belief in the authenticity of Fatima.

For me, one of these facts, or better to say, series of facts, is that many of the remarkable historical events after 1917 happened on the “Fatima dates” – by which I mean the 13th day of the months from May to October, excluding August, which date is the 19th – the dates of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, and the fact that these dates prove the spread of the “errors of Russia” to the world. Some of these events are widely known, some not. The majority of them I found by myself, though afterward I found some of them in the works of “Fatimist” authors.

To summon all of them, a book needs to be written; it’s not for a format of a short lecture, so I will limit myself only to name the most striking and fascinating – and maybe not widely known – of them during my speech.

Stanislav Protasenko

Stanislav Protasenko is the Coordinator of the SSPX community in St. Petersburg (Russia), Former Senior Lecturer in St. Petersburg university (History and Political Science).