Fatima Conference in Moscow

On the 4th and 5th of November in Moscow (Russia), Fr. Shane Pezzutti and faithful of SSPX in Russia co-operating with Fatima Center, organized Conference about Fatima in Moscow.

Divine Providence recently blessed the SSPX mission in Russia with a tremendous visit from H.E. Bishop Bernard Fellay.

Firstly, he visited our small chapel in St. Petersburg and offered Mass on the 2rd of November. It was the Superior General’s first official visit to the SSPX mission in St. Petersburg and the faithful were very thankful for his visit. Afterwards he was able to meet with them and speak about the crisis in the church and further apostolic work in St. Petersburg.

Then he travelled to Moscow where he participated in a 2 day Conference organized by the late Fr. Gruner’s FATIMA CENTER on the 4th and 5th of November and made a short visit to our small SSPX Chapel. It was also his first official visit to our mission in Moscow. The Conference was purposefully organized for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima. The Conference was a big success. There were 3 lectures on Saturday and 3 lectures on Sunday.

H.E. Bishop Fellay spoke on Saturday night about the Fatima message and the current state of the Church. Other speakers included: Christopher Ferrara; Mrs. Elena Chudinova; Fr. Isaac Relyea; Mr Stanislav Protosenko; and Mr. Michael Semin. All the lectures were translated into Russian or English by our SSPX faithful and will be available on the Fatima Center’s webpage later. Also, the Fatima Center and the SSPX in Russia diligently worked together to translate many leaflets and booklets about Fatima, the First Saturdays, the Scapular etc. We distributed hundreds of these at the Conference.

This Conference and visit by H.E. Bishop Fellay was truly a beautiful grace from the hands of the Immaculata. Truly Russia holds a special place in Her Immaculate Heart and therefore, while Providence gives us this opportunity to work in Russia we must tirelessly continue to bring the true Catholic Faith and the true message of Fatima into this spiritually ravaged land. Russia and the Russian people have been almost totally cut off from the Catholic Church for hundreds and hundreds of years. Now the door is more open for the Church, but the modernists and ecumenists are filling the minds of Catholics with a new Catholicism. That is why our little missions and these Conferences are so important. By means of them we have the chance to bring people the true Catholic Faith of our fathers. We beg for your prayers and your support.