The Crisis of Our Time

We publish third part (and the last) of speech “Fatima and the Current State of the Church” by Bishop Bernard Fellay, during conference in Moscow.

The Crisis of Our Time – The Souls of the Faithful Abandoned by Their Leaders
One thing which is also very important when speaking of our time in this message is a communication of Father Fuentes. Father Fuentes was in Mexico and he gave a conference to a group of sisters. That was in early 1958. So he talked with Sister Lucy in ‘57, and in the beginning of ‘58, he’s in Mexico. And there he gives this talk. He speaks of another point which is very important: “The devil knows what it is that offends God the most, and which in a short time will gain for him the greatest number of souls.”

“So the devil does everything to overcome souls consecrated to God, because in this way the devil will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders.” So you see here, it’s very important – it’s exactly the crisis of the Church we are in. This crisis is really up, it started up and the Blessed Virgin Mary will be even more precise: “That which afflicts the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus, is the fall of religious and priestly souls. The devil knows that religious and priests who fall away from their beautiful vocation drag numerous souls to hell. The devil wishes to take possession of consecrated souls. He tries to corrupt them in order to lull to sleep the souls of lay people. Resulting from this is the sterility of the interior life. And amongst the lay people there is coldness regarding the subject of renouncing pleasures, and the total dedication of themselves to God.”

Something which you don’t find there, which is not there, but which happened, belongs to the documents we have. One day, Jacinta was talking, and she said that in hell – on the ground, on the floor [or very bottom] – are heads of priests.

And Lucy told her, “That belongs to the Secret, don’t talk!” It’s also like when Jacinta spoke about the Pope being stoned; also there, Sister Lucy said, “Don’t talk!” These little things, these little details, show you that the seers knew much more than what we got from them.

The Church’s Unity Undermined and Attacked by Church Authorities
So let’s go back. There is one phrase which is now well known, which Sister Lucy used several times between ‘69 and ‘71. It is in her letters, in communications, and it is the “diabolical disorientation.” That means, it’s the devil who is blurring the people – causing confusion. And I may say, if there is one word to qualify the present actual situation of the Church, it is confusion! And we can really say diabolical confusion. It is unbelievable, that it’s not just confusion, it is the disintegration of the Church.

The Church is one by three unities: the unity of faith, the unity of the liturgy, and the unity of the Church’s government. Since the Second Vatican Council, these three unities have been attacked. And with the present Pope, all three are attacked. The one which started [which was first], which was visible for everybody in the Latin Rite at least, is the Mass – the Liturgy. With the liturgical reform they have demolished the unity in Liturgy. You cannot imagine, but if you go from one parish to the next, the Liturgy is different.

Some two years ago, I had to go to a funeral. It was a New Mass. I didn’t know what was going on. It was only at the Gospel that I said, “Ah, that’s the Gospel!” And then there were three people at the altar – that is, between the Offertory and the Consecration – and I said, “Ah, this one is a deacon, this one is the priest.” And it’s really incredible!

The second unity is the most fundamental unity, the unity of faith. And if you look how our dear Holy Father is dealing with Church doctrine, you see how he’s taking away what brings the unity in the Faith. He especially brings in a gray zone, something which is neither white nor black, it’s in between. And so that’s why I am certain that he’s not going to answer the Correctio Filialis, or to the dubia of the Cardinals, because we’ve all said: “You must be clear” – either black or white; and he answers, gray.

That’s what he wanted; he wanted the gray zone, so you don’t know if it is white or black. He invented that and he’s happy with it. He’s happy, and that’s why I don’t think that he will correct it. But with this, the Faith dissolves, and therefore everybody thinks what he wants. And as THE point [the person] who makes the unity is the head, if the head does not want to stop the confusion, you have the mess. This is our situation now. And at the level of the Church government, the Pope is very authoritarian. But he continuously wants to give to others his powers. He speaks of the Synodal Church. And recently, for example, he gave the power of making the translation of the liturgical texts to the local Bishops’ Conferences.

For at least 30 years there has been a big fight between Rome and the Bishops’ Conferences, because the Bishops’ Conferences made fake, wrong translations. And so Rome wanted to keep it [the control of the liturgical texts], to correct that problem; and now, the present Pope said, “No go” [i.e., he gave the control to the Bishops’ Conferences.]

They say there is one striking example of this problem – it was in 2007. Cardinal Arinze wrote a letter to all the Bishops’ Conferences, saying that in Latin, the words “pro multis” (“for many”) must be in the Consecration. You cannot say “for all.” It’s a wrong translation. So the bishops and priests were told: You have one-and-ahalf years to correct this error. Right now, the Italian clergy have refused to change. The German clergy also refused, and Pope Benedict said: “You must”. But I am not sure that they did. And now, as the translation is left to the Bishops’ Conferences, it seems clear they will likely go back to “for all”.

So it’s a little example of how serious the situation is. It touches almost immediately the validity of the Consecration. I say almost; I don’t say directly, but almost, and it touches a dogma, and the dogma is that not everybody is saved. That was precisely why the word “for many”. Jesus really died for all, but not all are saved. And so, once again, this confusion now will continue. I can give you another example. It’s about the Society [of St. Pius X].

I speak about this question of the government and unity of Church government. Since 2009, I complained to Rome that I am facing a contradiction. That means, I talked to one person about us and he says something. I talked to another one and he says exactly the contrary. Because of that, already in 2009, I requested a meeting with the Secretary of State. So Cardinal Sodano sent me to Cardinal Levada. And now it’s exactly the same; all these years – always the same. And that shows you there is no unity of Church government. You could say, “Well, you are a point, a particular point,” but it’s not true. We represent the past of the Church, and … every Catholic has to take a stand – that is, take a position either for tradition, or against.

Belong to the identity of Church Tradition. And that’s why we are facing this contradiction. It shows you how deep the fight is even at the top of the Church.

I could really give you dozens of examples, but I give you only one. You had Cardinal Müller, and recently, Cardinal Burke, who say the Society is schismatic. But the Pope says, “They are not schismatic,” so why don’t these Cardinals listen? It’s an example. Let’s say the Pope told me: “Because I helped you, I have trouble with these people. I answer them, ‘But I help the Protestants, I help the Anglicans, why couldn’t I help these Catholics [of the SSPX]?’” So the Pope himself says we are Catholic.

So why do the others say the contrary? And nobody is corrected because nobody cares. It is really confusio magna. And I think this diabolical disorientation is one of the keys of the present situation – which is announced in the Message of Fatima.

The Fatima Prophecies Are About Our Time
There is another point which is very interesting which came out recently. It is a letter from Sister Lucy to Cardinal Caffarra. The Pope – John Paul II – asked Cardinal Caffarra to make an institute to defend the family. And he wrote to Sister Lucy. And Cardinal Caffarra himself says that he was very surprised to receive a long letter from Sister Lucy. And in this letter Sister Lucy said: “The last battle will be about the family.”

It’s very interesting, because it’s exactly what we have NOW – which was not the problem in 2006 and 2007. It’s really interesting to see that it’s one element. Obviously Sister Lucy had lights about this fight about the family, which is now happening.

There is another point, which is also very interesting. There is one or two letters from Sister Lucy to Mother Martins. She was a Dorothean Sister. And you will find it also with Father Alonso. Father Alonso, for what I know, was “the one” who has gathered the documents from the source. And they both speak of a grave negligence at the top – that is, the bishops and even higher, a grave negligence in their duties.

Sister Lucy, to Mother Martins, says, “leading into error and deceiving people in high [levels of] responsibility.” So the devil will be leading into error and deceiving people in high responsibility. Even though we do not have an important part which seems to us to be decisive about the present time, which is this missing part of the Third Secret, we still have a lot of information.

A part of it is through deduction, a part of it is bits and pieces, and we try to put them together. There is certainly a margin of error, but I think that in the end, we have enough. I will finish with this one [holding up the booklet, The Message of Fatima: How I See the Message]. Here Sister Lucy says: It’s not for me to explain to you about the political things happening and so on – that is, the wars, the sins of the world which are absolutely enornmous, threatening and so on. She says no – what matters is salvation. And I must say, we must keep in mind that big threats of a coming chastisement can be an enormous help to bringing people back to their knees, to salvation – just to be saved.

The important thing is that we are ready when we die. If we die, if there is a mountain which is falling on us, we may die in bed tonight. And what matters is that we present ourselves with a clean soul to God. And they say, that’s what the Blessed Virgin Mary wants. She tells us we are in a hard time, and the exterior elements are rough – like wars, like this time of Communism, like now this time of extreme liberalism. Well, all this, what we have in front of us, these things which we can see, which we can experience, they’re like a little mirror of the importance, which is what’s happening with our soul. And they are catastrophes which are much more dangerous than the catastrophes of the world. For example, the catastrophe of the Church.

And so, for this time, Heaven wants to give us a secure means, a safe way to go through this. And it is the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with these two elements which are easy for everybody – prayer and penance. And especially prayer, the easy prayer of the Rosary, and then, of course, sacrifices. We find also in Father Fuentes’ conference that the Blessed Virgin Mary has given a special efficacy to the Rosary, She says, in such a way that there is not one problem that cannot be solved with the Rosary. It is like a universal means and with a special efficacy given by the Blessed Virgin Mary for now, our time.

Fatima is really a whole world because it’s a summary of the whole Catholic Faith, belief, and practice. You have everything, really, everything in Fatima. We could say it’s a practical Catechism for our time and especially in this crisis of the Church.