The Fatima epoch: has it finished? (Part VII)

The Fatima epoch: has it finished? (Part VII)

This part is a continuation of the speech by Stanislav Protasenko. His speech was made during a conference in Moscow. On the 4th and 5th of November 2017 in Moscow (Russia), Fr. Shane Pezzutti and faithful of the SSPX in Russia, co-operating with the Fatima Centre, organized a Conference about Fatima in Moscow.

As to WWII, the following event is not widely known: August 19, 1939 – as we know, the pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) was signed on August 23, 1939, but factually it was decided earlier, on that date, August 19. On this day the German-Soviet Credit Agreement, which preceded the final Pact, was signed. Also, this date is the date of Stalin’s alleged speech (alleged, because some historians, following the Soviet historiography, denied the existence of such a speech; however, other historians thought that this speech was real) in which he explained that the USSR needed to reject the union with Britain and France in favor of an agreement with Germany and that a conflict between Germany and Britain and France was in the interest of the USSR.

German Ambassador to USSR Schulenburg was convinced that the decision about the Pact between Germany and Stalin (with his Secret protocol) was made exactly on the day of August 19. After the signing of the Pact, Hitler understood that Stalin would not impede his actions in Poland, thus the road to the world war was open. I think all these events of great historical importance, which happened on the “Fatima dates” in the period before WWII, all show us well the significance and authenticity of the Fatima message. Because we are limited in time, I will only name some of the similar dates from the period after WWII.