The Fatima epoch: has it finished? (Part VIII)

October 13, 1962 was the day of the first important victory of the liberal faction during the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church (relating to the issue of the Council commissions’ composition).

On the same day, according to some sources, observers from the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy arrived at the Council. Sergianism, one of the main “errors of Russia”, entered in the Catholic Church not only literally through these observers, but through the novelties of the liberal faction, introduced in the Council documents, which aim was an “adaptation” of the Catholic Church to the “modern world”, rejecting the Social Reign of Jesus Christ.

This part is a continuation of the speech by Stanislav Protasenko. His speech was made during a conference in Moscow. On the 4th and 5th of November 2017 in Moscow (Russia), Fr. Shane Pezzutti and faithful of the SSPX in Russia, co-operating with the Fatima Centre, organized a Conference about Fatima in Moscow.