Russia is not converted nor converting! (Part I)

By their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16). Really, can we see that Russia converted to the Faith (even not to the Catholic, but to some “Christian” one) or, at least, converted from Communism?

I know that there are tendencies in the contemporary West and, surprisingly to me, even in Traditionalist circles, to consider that present-day Russia is undergoing some sort of religious and “Traditionalist” political and cultural revival.

As an example, I will take an article of such a respectful author as Robert Siscoe, that I read some years ago in a copy of the Remnant newspaper, taken by me in an SSPX chapel in Great Britain. The main message of this article was that today’s Russia is almost traditional materially and she need only essence (the Catholic Faith) to make the conversion formal or final. Unfortunately, with all respect for Mr. Siscoe, I must say that such a vision of today’s Russia is no more than wishful thinking. Unfortunately, I must categorically disagree with him, because the reality in which we live in Russia now is so far from Mr. Siscoe’s picture, that sometimes it seems to me a bad dream.

No, Russia is not converted nor converting, even materially! On the contrary, it is becoming worse and worse, comparing with the situation 15–20 years ago. In recent years, Russia is going through not spiritual, but real Soviet renaissance, that can’t promise any good to us.

Not far from here, in Red Square, the mummy of Lenin still lies in a satanic mausoleum. Hundreds of monuments to Lenin and his associates are still standing in the squares and on the streets of Russian cities, towns and villages. Only a few of them were eliminated in 90s. Now, they are not only maintained under the pretext that “all this is our history”, but supplemented by new monuments to none other than Joseph Stalin.

Yes, in recent years in different places of Russia were installed many monuments and busts to Stalin. The last one was erected (around the new Lenin sculpture) in the so-called “alley of heads of state” in Moscow, opened in September of this year in the presence of the minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and other officials.

This tendency is something unprecedented, because even in the last few decades of the history of the USSR, in Russia monuments to Stalin were practically absent, because they were eliminated during Khrushchev’s times and only now they are being erected anew!