The Partial Consecrations Performed by Various Popes

From the time that Sr. Lucy made the Second Secret known in 1942, with its request for the consecration of Russia, various Popes have performed consecrations similar to the one requested by Our Lady, while still failing to follow her precise wishes.

Below is a table showing the degree to which these consecrations under Popes Pius XII, Paul VI and John Paul II corresponded to the six requirements listed above.

Synthesis of the Popes’ Attempts at Consecration

Date The Pope 1) Order to all the Bishops 2) Consecration 3) of Russia 4) To the Immaculate Heart of Mary 5) With a Public Act of Reparation 6) Approval of the Reparatory Devotion
  Oct. 1942 Pius XII No Yes No (3) Yes No No
  Dec. 1942 Pius XII No Yes No (3) Yes No No
  July 1952 Pius XII No Yes Yes Yes No No
  Nov. 1964 Paul VI No (1) No (2) No No No No
  June 1981 John Paul II No No (2) No No No No
  Dec. 1981 John Paul II No No (2) No No No No
  May 1982 John Paul II No (1) Yes No (3) No No No
  March 1984 John Paul II Yes Yes No (3) No No No

Note 1: Paul VI gave no order to the bishops. John Paul II simply said his act was in “spiritual union” with the bishops.

Note 2: the term used during these acts was “entrust” and not “consecrate”.

Note 3: the formula used by Pius XII was: “especially for the peoples who profess for you a particular devotion and among whom there was no home which would not have honoured your venerable icon.” Those used by John Paul II are: “the nations who particularly need this offering (donatio) and this consecration” and “the peoples from whom you are expecting the consecration and offering”.

The common point in all of these acts is that not one of them was associated with a public act of reparation and no Pope promised to approve the communion of the first Saturdays of the month.  Moreover, out of the eight acts, only five are true consecrations, and only that of Pius XII was addressed to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and only Jean-Paul II did what he could do associate the bishops.  Finally, Russia was named only once, by Pius XII in 1952.  In the seven other cases, either she was not named, or only in a covert way.

In conclusion, even if these consecrations of the world were able to bear certain fruits, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the conditions asked for by Our Lady has not yet been made. Two facts confirm this conclusion:  twenty-five years after the last consecration, the conversion of Russia promised by the Holy Virgin has still not happened; and Sister Lucia, against all opposition, affirmed up to 1989 that the consecrations made until then did not correspondent to Our Lady’s requests.