Insufficient consecrations

Two aspects have to be considered in these consecrations: in the measure that they come close to the demands of Our Lady, graces are given to the world.

This is particularly visible with the Act of Consecration of the World by Pius XII. From this we see how generously heaven answers even an insufficient and imperfect Act on our part.

Often the argument has been given that, in the present circumstances, it would not be prudent to make the “consecration of Russia”, because this would provoke the anger of that nation and so  increase the discrimination and persecutions against Christians there. In his Spiritual Exercises, Saint Ignatius of Loyola speaks about those faithful who want to fulfil the will of God, but who find excuses and arguments to make a compromise: a little bit of the will of God, but also their own will. As a result they will do “something”, but not precisely what God really wants. In the end, they effectively do very little or nothing for the Kingdom of God and their salvation.

We would have to apply the statement of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort to those who purposely want to use these consecrations to make the people believe that the will of Heaven had been fully accomplished. He says that such people spread a false devotion to Our Lady amongst the people and refers to them as hypocritical devotees, who want “to appear to their fellow-man different from what they are”.